Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Fridays are her Favorite!

For Ashley Kate life doesn't get any better than it does come Friday mornings. She loves Fridays. Not just for one reason, or two, but three, and sometimes even four. Yep, this girl loves Fridays.

You see, Friday is the day she gets to go. We load her up in the car early Friday mornings and she enjoys a little more freedom than she sees any other day of the week. We start her day off by riding. She is LOVING it. Such a big difference from a year ago. She really, really enjoys her horse and the freedom she feels while moving around the arena on him. Its a perfect start to her day. Then we head to her favorite restaurant for an early lunch before any of the crowds come out. She knows whats in store for her as soon as we get to the parking lot. She starts smiling, clapping and signing. We turn around to watch and sure enough she knows just from the parking lot that the biggest, nicest fish tank in town is inside waiting for her to enjoy. She sits as close to it as humanly possible and Dave and I sit and enjoy watching her. She LOVES fish. Really, really loves them. I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone appreciate fish more than Ash does. So its a treat not only for her, but for us as well. She takes such joy in the simplest of things. As if her day could get any better...Dad is off on Fridays! She gets so excited to have him around for the day. They play and snuggle and love life as they hang out together. Fridays are her favorite. They really, really are.

Now for the biggest and best part about this Friday. Are you sure your ready for this? We are leaving for a baseball tournament. Yes, yes, yes, it is true. So far we have heard its a go for this weekend. As long as the rain stays away we should be playing our first game by noon tomorrow. This will be the FIRST game Blake has had all season because every other tournament on our schedule was cancelled due to the rain. Ash LOVES to travel in the RV. She gets so happy as soon as we step inside. I am really looking forward to a weekend away with our kids doing something we all love so much. Just hanging out and playing ball.

Yep, Fridays are her favorite and I think they might be my favorite too. Life is blessed and we are loading up just waiting for the kids to get out of school. Then were off. Yeah, us! Enjoy your weekend.


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