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Holiday Weekend

Its here, its here, its here! I'm so happy. The "holiday weekend" that we wait on all year long has finally arrived. I'm just so excited!

Before you get all confused on me let me remind you that I choose NOT to celebrate Halloween in any way, shape, or form. I would even venture to say that I HATE that day and don't consider it a holiday. Sorry, I got side tracked. The whole death, destruction, evil, skeletal, blood dripping, spider web spinning, etc., etc. just isn't my thing. Its ok with me if it is your thing, its just not mine. Anyway...

This is the weekend(November 1) in which we will begin transforming our home for the holidays. I'm so smiley right now. Tomorrow I get to sneak away to Canton all by myself to do a little Christmas shopping. That makes me all smiley too. Dave is leaving before the sun comes up Saturday for a business weekend, but the girls and I have big plans. Blake loves the house when its all holiday like, but he doesn't enjoy the actual doing of it. He plans on sitting back, watching a movie, and eating platefuls of his favorite chocolate chip cookies. That is once he's done socializing and all.

Ash is still coughing and crudding. Her appointment to pick up her braces got rescheduled for next week, but she still plans on riding in the morning. She loves riding so much this year and since she's still smiling and not fussing about being sick we figure its ok to let her go. So while I'm off in absolute Canton/Christmas bliss, Dave and Ash will be at Windridge.

Its a little after midnight and everyone else is sleeping. The house is so quiet and peaceful so I think I'll put on some Christmas music and close my eyes too. Life is blessed.


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