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Keeping Distance

Ash is still coughing, still sneezing, and still crudding(don't think that's a word but it's what I call what she's got). No fevers. That is a huge blessing. A stuffy nose seems to be the worst of what she's got. How I wish I could teach her to blow her little nose. I know she would feel so much better if only she could. She just doesn't understand what I'm trying to get her to do.

I'm still keeping most everyone at a distance. My hope is that the rest this week will be what she needs to get over this little stuff without it getting any worse. I do wish she could sleep at night. When she's kept awake she only causes trouble. Not knowing what to do with her tired self she begins to pull of dressings and bags and such. I went through 4 ostomy bags just yesterday and I've already replaced the one that was put on at 4am this morning. So technically we are on bag number 2 for today already. She's tired and congested, but still smiling. It doesn't get better than that. Wish I could still smile when I didn't feel well.

We do plan on picking up her braces this Friday and then going to find some shoes that might hold them on. We were given a good lead on a brand of cute shoes(although they will have to be several sizes too big to fit over the braces) that should work. So she'll have "clown" feet, but they will be cute "clown" feet. I still haven't figured out how she's supposed to learn to walk in shoes that don't fit, but supposedly the braces should be one of the keys to getting her to that point. I sure hope so. I really, really do.

Outside of keeping distance between Ash and the several sets of hands that touch her each week not too much is happening. Other than the usual stuff like basketball practice, soccer practice, football practice, hitting practice, games, youth group, school, etc. I can't believe how much we actually get accomplished each and every week. When you throw Ash's schedule into the mix it becomes a very busy household. Have I told you lately how very blessed I feel to be home and in the middle of all of this? Some days I slow down enough just to find a moment to be thankful.

Dave will be traveling for business this weekend, the kids will be socializing all over town, and Ash and I will begin decorating. The first is just days away and my heart is smiling just at the thought of turning our home into the holidays. I love, love, love this time of year. I may even sneak over to Canton Friday to do a little Christmas shopping.

Hope your weeks are blessed. Trish


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