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Down and Out?

Well...its lingering. Its been over a week, two since Allie first came down with something, and instead of kicking it I think its trying to take us all down. Possibly even out. Ashley, Allie, Blake, and now I too have this little "something".

The blessing so far is that Ash is holding her own like never before. She's not feverish, not vomiting, not dehydrated. She is however coughing deeper than last week, and more stopped up than she was. Her respiratory status is still good . Even better than Blake and Allies at this point. She remains happy despite the fact that she's not resting well. She still scoots all around the house and finds more and more ways to get into "trouble". I had hoped she would be over it this week, but still this morning she is not. She was awake most of last night and so I imagine she will be sleeping for most of this morning.

Both of the older kids are not well. They are not sick enough to be home in bed, but they are not feeling very good either. Coughing deeply. Dark circles under their eyes this morning from lack of quality sleep. Moving slowly. Running noses. Trying very hard to feel better, but just not there. They don't have much of a choice about attending school. At their ages its harder and harder to catch up on missed days and so if they don't have fevers and aren't vomiting then they are attending. I wish they could have some time to rest, refuel, and try to recover. Try getting an 11 and 14 year old to slow down their social calendars though. It doesn't happen.

Ash won't be having classes today. Or tomorrow. Perhaps by Wednesday or Thursday? At least I can decide to slow her schedule down when I believe she needs it. Her teacher will be thrilled to find out all she's been doing while she's been out. Just yesterday as I was assembling one of our Christmas trees she looked at me and signed "tree" pointed to the top of it(where my next section was to go) and then signed "on". Once it was on she signed "light on" for me to get the top section of lights turned on as well. It was really amazing to watch her converse with me and "run the show" from where she sat. Her school teacher has been working on the sign "on" all year as she teaches Ash to turn on a small light that she has. So far she has refused to sign it, but just like I thought she did know how to and she had been listening. She's very, very smart and she knows much more than she chooses to show us. Signs just tumble out of her every day that I had no idea she even knew. She uses them appropriately when she needs them and that amazes me. It is nothing short of amazing. I love that she has a way to "speak" to us. Life would be very, very frustrating and difficult for her(and us) if she had no way to communicate. I'm so thankful for her ability to learn. It is a blessing.

Well, the house is in full holiday motion after this weekend and last night it was so nice to all sit around and just enjoy the season. Blake was in his "spot" and "just enjoying Christmas"(his own words), Allie was at the table working on this year's holiday puzzle, Ashley Kate was scooting around the family room, and Dave came in with a huge smile on his face from his business trip and announced, "I love this". That made me smile. Its going to be a very blessed season. I'm hoping to finish up a few things this morning and then I too am going to sit and just enjoy it while I work on laundry. Nothing makes folding laundry nicer than twinkling lights from a tree, yummy candle scents, and Christmas carols. I think its my favorite time of year to do laundry!

All in all life is good. I'm proud of Ash's little body and the strength it has gained this year. God is still protecting her life and I am grateful. Its a delicate balance between fighting off the common cold and keeping her organ grafts safe. Her immune system has to do just enough but not too much to keep her strong but yet out of rejection. I'm praying she gets through this without any complications. Coughs, runny noses, a lack of good rest we can handle. Staying hydrated is our main battle at this point. So far so good.

Hope your families are all well. Have a great week. Trish


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