Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Oh yeah...before I forget

Ashley Kate lost her 1st tooth Saturday afternoon at the ball field. No tears, no reaction, no anything. Her daddy reached in her mouth and came out with it in his hand. Its still unbelievable to me that my FOUR YEAR OLD lost her first tooth and already has two permanent teeth grown in. She has another very loose tooth just waiting to fall out as well.

I laid down to sleep that night and wished for things to be different. I remember the excitement in the house the night Blake lost his first tooth. He was SO PROUD. Allie couldn't wait for her first tooth to fall out. She tugged, and wiggled, and did all but knock one out with a hammer in hopes that she too could have one to place underneath her pillow. We sat down at his little table and wrote the most precious letter to the tooth fairy together. I still have it.

When Allison's first tooth came out there was just as much excitement among us all. The photo of her toothless grin is priceless! Again, we wrote that first letter together.

Saturday evening my Ashley had no idea what should have taken place under her pillow that night. The saddest thing for my heart to swallow is that I fear she never will. There are things in this life, in the world that surrounds us, that my Ashley has no understanding of and probably never will. Things like tooth fairies.

Its just a little bit sad to this mommy's heart.

On the other hand I agree with Blake. "If only we all could live as happy as Ashley and the others kids God made like her do." And with a smile on his face and a shake of his head he waved to our 15 year old autistic neighbor(who had jumped in front of our car to keep us from leaving our street before noticing he had come to visit=) and who happens to think Blake hung the moon) as we drove off to practice that night. I smiled and realized that life is pretty sweet in their worlds and I thanked God for creating our Ashley and "Sam" our neighbor from down the street.


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