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If I could...

If I could stay inside by the fireplace this morning and not go ANYWHERE all day I WOULD. If I could.

Since I can't, I think I'll follow a big yellow school bus 2 hours one way just so I might catch a glimpse of my kid on the basketball court. You know, its what us mom's do. Then I think I'll follow that big yellow school bus 2 hours back the other way. Just so I'll be able to pick up my kid when they arrive back home tonight. You know, its what us mom's do.

To tell you the truth I couldn't be happier about having the opportunity to do so. Even if I am longing for a "go no where do nothing but laundry kind of day".

Ash is going to grandma's house for the day(after therapy and all).

I am SO looking forward to next week. We need some down time and we plan on spending it with my favorite people in the world(next to my kids I mean). My sisters! Yeah, me. The holiday has me smiling already.


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