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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


When They Hurt

When they hurt...I hurt.

When tears sting their eyes...they sting mine too.

When heartbreak comes to one of them, any of one of my heart breaks too.

When disappointment in their lives causes pain... my disappointment is multiplied a thousand times.

When their world seems unjust...I want so desperately to right the wrong.

When they cry themselves to sleep...I cry too and can't seem to find sleep.

Tonight I realized that being their mom is not enough. I can't fix things for them. I am not God, I am only mom. I can't protect them from the growing pains that all of us must endure, but I assure you if I could I WOULD. If only I could make each and every one of their days pain free.

Tonight I'm getting just a small glimpse into what it might feel like as the Father's heart breaks for one of us because He just wanted something better for His child. All I can say is that it hurts.

Tonight I'm praying for my kiddo because he/she needs it.

How I wish that loving them was enough to make it all better. Remember the days when a band-aid fixed all that ailed them?


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