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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



"Finally!!!...I've only been working on this for EIGHT years!"

That's what she had to say about it with the biggest grin spread across her face. I loved it! She's so right. She's been faithfully working since she turned 4years old. I'm so excited for her and all her team mates. The Texas Pride finished their local season in first place qualifying them to travel to Garland, TX this weekend to play in the tournament of champions.

Allie is so looking forward to this weekend. We are leaving this afternoon to all travel over and watch her do what she does best. Blake gave up a youth weekend to go along with us to help watch Ashley Kate in the RV so that Dave and I can see every single minute of play. He's really proud of her. In Blake's world he's done lots of traveling for championship play. Its what he does. Most weekends. More often than not he and his team mates are playing some where for a championship title. I know he understands the importance of this for Allison. She's an amazing player. So much so that even though she's been resisting travel and tournament play for years, I think she's starting to realize that's where she needs to be. We don't push. We don't force. As their parents its our job to give them opportunity and encouragement to pursue their passions. I sit back and watch her play the game she loves and thank God for her health, her able body, her ability, and her fearless nature. Its so fun being her mom! So fun!

This weekend its all about Al. I think its ok to give them those moments every now and again. Not to make a habit of it, but to let them know that we are there to support their dreams no matter how big or how hard they may seem. She's not quite 12 years old, but she's already dreaming of high school and college play. If I know anything about my daughter its this...she's stubborn enough to make her dreams come true and she won't stop until she's done it. I admire that about her.

The Texas Pride will play in three games on Saturday and if they are good enough they will advance into play on Sunday. I'm not sure what will happen, but I am sure she'll have a great time. I kind of think Dave and I will too as we watch our Allie be Allie. I sure love this girl!

We love you Allison Brooke, and you can bet Mom and Dad will be cheering for you from the side lines. Have a great time kiddo!


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