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Snug as a Bug

Sweet Ashley Kate is still snuggled up in her bed. Its Wednesday and that translates into sleeping late for her. Every other morning of the week she has to be up as the older kids leave the house at 7:30. She looks so comfy this morning cuddled under her quilt that I'm tempted to try and climb in next to her. I love to watch her as she sleeps. All of her "baby" look has disappeared and what I see lying there is the most beautiful little girl. Her long lashes, tiny nose, messy hair, and pink lips are still as lovely as they were as a baby, but something about her look has changed. Maybe the long legs that extend all the way to other end of her crib? Not sure what it is, but she has definitely grown up. Another thing that has stayed the same? The "classic" Ashley pose with her hands behind her head. Every time I see it I have to smile. So many long, painful days in hospital rooms made a little brighter by her "classic" Ashley pose. It always made a smile creep across my face.

My sweet girl opened her eyes yesterday morning as I whispered good morning and the first thing she did was sign "frog". Yes, I said "frog". Her first thought of the day? School. She knew that if I was waking her early that her teacher would be here first and in her teachers bag there would be the frog toys she gets to play with. It cracked me up that her first sign with sleep still in her eyes would be "frog". Not mommy, not good morning, not up, but frog! She's so very smart. Early mornings=school and school=frogs. Thus you have frog as the first sign of the day. Just her way of letting me know she knew what day it was.

Life is so peaceful and blessed right now. Our home is our favorite place to be. Evenings in the family room with a fire glowing, candles flickering, tree lights flickering. I'm savoring every moment. Our schedules are busy. They are very busy. I know you all understand what thats like, but once we all arrive home a peace just settles in. Having Ash here, so strong, so happy, so full of life has been so healing to our family. I can't describe the feelings that seeing her play across the room from me bring to my heart. Its so very hard to put into words. Nothing short of amazing. I love listening to Allie talk with her from outside the nursery door. I love watching Blake scoop her up out of the crib because she tugged on the tail of his shirt as he kissed her goodnight. I love how Dave goes to find her, wherever she is, the moment he walks in the door. I love brushing her long hair and smelling the sweet smell of her skin each day. I'd be so happy and so grateful is life never changed for us again. If we could just stay in this place. All home, all happy, all together. How blessed we have been.

I know I need to jump in the shower while my little one is still sleeping, but I think I'd rather be wrapping gifts. One of my favorite things about the holiday. Coordinated packages under the trees. Just makes me happy. Something about paper and bows. Hand made name tags and specially chosen contents. I'm doing my best to stop a little each day and just enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday. Even if I only have five or ten minutes to sit in the family room to enjoy, I'm giving that gift to myself. Home. My favorite gift this season.

Nothing I unwrap on Christmas day will top the gift the Father has blessed me with this year. Having Ashley Kate home where she belongs. So amazing, so precious, so treasured.

Enjoy your day. Take it all in. I know I plan too. Trish


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