Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Tonight I looked at Ashley Kate and asked, "Can mommy hold you?" To which she quickly answered, "NO, Daddy" She's so cute and so adamant about it with her signs that I can't even get my feelings hurt about it.

She loves him. Not just loves him, but LOVES him. He can't walk through the room without her falling apart. She NEEDS his undivided attention. It breaks his heart every day as he leaves for work to see her cry the way she does. At the same time though it must feel awfully good to know you are loved that much.

I tell him all the time that she doesn't love me like that. He tells me its not true, but honestly it is. I mean she loves her mommy, but it can't even come close to the love she has for Dave. You may be doubting what I say, but trust me if you ever witness the two of them together then you'll get it. She lights up the moment he walks by. She smiles and applauds and her eyes twinkle with excitement. It doesn't matter what he's doing she's happy doing it with him. The girl even watches Myth Busters with him. That is LOVE! Allie and I HATE that show, but not Ashley Kate. She snuggles in close to her daddy the moment it comes on. Not only does this make her dad smile, but her big brother too. She's a girl after his own heart.

What is it about daddy's? I remember a little boy who would sit at the end of the sidewalk EVERY SINGLE DAY waiting for his dad to come around the corner and pull into the drive. I remember a tiny two year old girl who would pull up her chair and press her nose against the window staring out it hoping for the first glimpse of his car in the driveway. Then she would squeal with delight as he turned the door knob and stepped into the house. Now my four year old beauty signs for "daddy" ALL DAY LONG and saves her most precious smiles and giggles for that man.

I'm not jealous. I'm truly not. Nothing makes me love him more than KNOWING what an amazing dad he is. He's always been good at it, and the way they love him is proof of that. It blesses my heart to have him in their lives and mine.

I'm so, so touched to know how very much she loves her daddy and how very much he loves her. What a lucky guy. What a lucky little girl!


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