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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


On Alert

Not sure what is going on with our little one, but this afternoon she began vomiting. As always it puts us on high alert and nothing in our world seems right when she starts feeling bad. I'm not sure what it is, why its happening, or how long its going to last. All I know is I'm watching her closely and praying it stops. Soon.

She had labs drawn last Friday. We never heard a word. From anyone. That's a good thing. No news is good news. She's been happy and playful. Nothing more than a little cough and stuffy nose that she's had since before Christmas. I thought she might have gotten choked on some mucus this afternoon, but its continued to happen several times since the first episode leading me to believe its not from her cold. She's finally fallen asleep. I'm continuing to run her feedings not wanting to risk dehydration with the fluid losses from all the vomiting. Its kind of a catch 22. More fluid in the stomach leads to more vomiting, but no fluids running leads to dehydration. I just want it to stop and go away.

Her stool output is normal. That's a good sign. If that was off in combination with the vomiting I would be in panic mode. Since that is normal and she's not feverish then I'm trying to stay calm. Just on alert.

Its been a while since Ash has been sick and I like it that way. She hasn't left the house in weeks. We don't take her anywhere at this time since its cold and flu season. I take her for rides in the car just to let her out of the house, but other than her car seat she doesn't get out at all(last week I realized it had been 11 days since she last left. It breaks my heart for her, but the alternatives are too risky). She sits by the door begging to play outside, but the weather hasn't cooperated much lately. I don't think she has picked up anything from anyone. None of us are sick. Although I know its possible for us to carry something that we are strong enough to fight off and she may not be.

I'm praying this stuff stops and that when she wakes up its all going to be ok. Thats what I'm


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