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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Giving Her Time

Ash is making a turn around. We are SO, SO, thankful to see her smile again. Still I'm giving her some time. She's not 100% and I'm in no hurry to push her. I just want to give her time to rest, recover, and feel like her old self again. So this week she is going to be allowed to do nothing except be 4 years old. No classes, no PT, ST, OT, no feeding therapies, no nothing. Just sleep in, play all day, and hang out with mommy. More than anything I think she needs time to feel good and pushing her to do things, follow instructions, complete tasks, walk, stand, etc. is just too much for her this week. She's a little week from being down all last week, still has a yucky cough and not much of an appetite. So I made an executive decision and I'm canceling her entire week. She can work on catching up with the rest of the 4 year old world next week. I've been told more than once that "this kid has more therapists than any other kid they've ever seen!" I tend to agree and so exposing her to everyone this week while her system is recovering doesn't appeal to me that much.

I would SO love to give myself the week off too, but lets face it. My mom isn't around to cancel things for me and I'm a little to old to pass for 4. So...I'll keep plugging along. Tonight my team of girls play in Mt. Pleasant so Allie and I will be traveling over this afternoon. Tomorrow and Wednesday we have practice. Thursday we play against the only team who has beaten us this season and I'd really like to win against them this time. Friday we are HOPING and PRAYING we get to move back into our office since the builders didn't finish last week either. 2weeks behind and now we are stretching into the 3rd. Its so frustrating, but the office is AMAZING and so BEAUTIFUL! So we can't really get too upset. This weekend we worked on the batting cage. Its a beast! We were able to get 11 of the 17 poles set. We had twelve and then Dave said to me, "Why don't you step to the other side while I finish this one up. I'm not comfortable with you still standing underneath it. " 5 seconds later the 100lb 19ft. pole came falling to the ground exactly where I was standing. A bolt had broken while he was tightening it. Thankfully he was standing on the fence line when it happened because the weight of the pole sliced through the metal ladder he had been on! Talk about dangerous! This is crazy! Anyway, we survived and we are close to being about 1/2 way done. Maybe next weekend Blake will be hitting in it? I sure hope so.

Well,the fussy four year old has made her way down the hall and is knocking on the door needing in. I'm so glad to see her moving about this morning. She didn't budge an inch for a whole week and now she's branching out again. God was gracious to us last week and brought her through a very scary time. She avoided a hospital admission and we are more than grateful to not have had to put her through any of that. I think she's going to recover just fine, its just taking a little time. So...I'm giving it to her. Thank you so very much for your prayers for her over the past week. Well, really over the past 4 years. I look at her face each morning and I know He's been listening and working in her life because of all the many prayers prayed over her. I can never say thank you enough. Have a great day and God bless. Trish


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