Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Its 4a.m...

and the laundry is going. Yes, the laundry.

You have no idea HOW FAR behind I am this week. Sunday through Wednesday we didn't sleep. We used every single towel in the house(we have 4 bathrooms each with their own towels, plus a stack of beach towels as tall as Ashley Kate for the pool) and every single sheet and blanket in Ashley's linen stacks(try to imagine 4 years of hospitalizations and how that stack grew out of control because a soft, pretty blanket was about all the comfort I could give to my girl while she was "out" on the vent) and went through one of Ashley's closets just trying to keep her clothed in something during all the vomiting. Needless to say the laundry room is KNEE deep with all the "extras" used to get us through this week and with my lack of sleep I've had a lack of motivation each morning.

Last night I did sleep a few hours and I am assuming those hours must have recharged me because I've been up since 3 doing laundry and cleaning the family room. When I look at the clock I think that I must be losing my mind because if she's sleeping then I should be too, but I'm wide awake.

Ash is still sickly. Better I think, but still not well. In the beginning of the week her symptoms had me reeling. I'm talking reeling with the thoughts of what they were all pointing too, but mid week those symptoms all ceased and things changed. At this point we have a very wet cough in her chest and a horrible snot situation. No fevers(thank God she's had none through all of this). The vomiting has stopped. The bowel seems to be functioning normally from what I can tell. She is no longer signing to us that she is in pain. She's not smiley. Not feeling very good, but definitely feeling better. I mean she's at the point that she can sleep(it may be in our bed, but at least she's sleeping) and that is improvement. Her energy levels are very low. She's too sickly to feel like standing or moving around, but she's not screaming, not crying, and not vomiting anymore. That tells me its better.

Whats wrong with her? I wish I knew. I am now leaning hard toward the notion that she got a stomach bug and her "little cold from before Christmas" has worsened through the process. That's what I'm thinking? hoping? just because the "alarming" symptoms have ceased and did not get worse. She seems to be well hydrated. Seems to be improving each day. Seems to be getting closer to turning a corner. She is not twinkly, smiley, playful, or normal by any means, but I'm hoping we are getting closer to that. At this point I'm not planning to have her classes and therapies re started next week unless she makes huge improvements over the weekend. Its so dangerous to expose her to that many people when she's already weak with "whatever" it is that she's got.

In other news, I managed to lock my only set of keys inside my car last night as I was running from basketball games(my girls won again=)and I'm SO proud of this team) to the office. Not sure what I'm going to do about that today, but at least for the first half of the day I'm stuck. Since I can't get anywhere and the laundry isn't going anywhere either I think I'll work on it until I run out of supplies. If the floors get installed at the office today(it was supposed to be finished last Friday but as of last night I don't even see it being finished by NEXT Friday) then we will at least move furniture back into the building this weekend. We were planning on opening in there Monday morning, but there is no bathroom, no counter tops, no ceiling, no floors, and a multitude of other things either. They say they will be finished this weekend, but I just don't think so. I hope so, but honestly don't think so. I guess we will be putting up Blake's batting cage instead of setting up the office. That should make him smile.

Well, I guess I've rambled long enough between loads and now its time to go switch them. Hoping this head start this morning pays off for me later today with some extra time to enjoy my kids. They've been running in lots of different directions this week and I'm missing them. Have a blessed day and thank you so very much for praying for Ashley Kate. I do hope the worst is behind us.


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