Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


I love...

...standing in my kitchen cooking tacos(what else is there?) for my family. practice. Enough said. Allison snuggling up beside me and saying for the 1000th time this week "tell me what all we are going to do at my party again"

...coming around the corner into the family room and finding my baby rocking in her chair next to her daddy content that all the world is right again since he walked through the door.

...that my 14 year old son's best friend in all the world happens to be a girl who he loves as much as his sisters and whom he would stand up and fight the whole world over if he needed to. I really love that!

...listening to the chaos of my kiddos in the other room as they act silly together waiting for those previously mentioned tacos. I stopped, stared and wondered to myself "how did they grow up so fast? and is there a way I can freeze this moment, this exact minute and keep them at 14, 12, and 4? "

...playing worly word on Dave's i-phone and getting the "big word" before he does. Better yet, I love when he says can you help me with this word and I see it in less than a second when he's been struggling with it for a while=)

...knowing all my kids are home, here with us, safe, and sleeping in their own beds.

...a clean house. I'm talking a really clean house with freshly swept floors, no dust to be found and and empty laundry room. Its been a while since mine has been like that and I'm sitting here staring at the stacks of freshly folded laundry and wondering if I'm going to get it in shape in time for Allison's party.

...handing Ashley Kate a cracker and watching her lick every bit of flavor off of it and then listening to her fuss for another. Its a whole new world for us and we are enjoying it even if there are piles of crumbs on the floor in every room of the house. See paragraph above and remember how much I'd love to have all my floors freshly swept?

...holding Dave's hand. No matter if its in the car while he drives or under his pillow while he sleeps. I just love his hands and love that after 17 years we are still holding each others.

...good people. With huge hearts and their honest concern about helping my "husband" make it home from NIGERIA!!! Its a crazy world and I'm still trying to figure it all out, but I've learned there are more good people in it than bad. I keep reminding myself of that. life, my home, my kids, my kids friends, my husband, and my God. Oh yeah, I love tacos too! (bread, milk and eggs? staples? Not in this house! Taco seasoning, shells and salsa. Thats what I'm talking about! We don't eat that much bread. None of us drink milk. At all. Enough said. Very seldom do we ever crack an egg. But tacos? I raised my babies on those things and you won't find this house without the important things.)

Goodnight guys. I also love sleep and the nights I actually get some.


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