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ITs all in the details

I'm tired. Really tired. My feet are killing me tonight.

I just walked in from W_________. You know the place? Right? Before W_______I was at soccer practice and before that Hobby Lobby. Before "HL" I was at the other W_______ and before that Tuesday Morning. Before Tuesday Morning I hit both party stores in town and a couple of dollar stores too. Before those dollar stores I was sitting through therapy with Ash dreading all the running my feet were going to be doing today but loving the reason for all the running. Know what I mean? Tell me you do. It makes me feel better to pretend I'm not the only one just slowing down at 11:30p.m. or so.

Details. I'm REALLY into details. After all, its the details that make or break a good party. Right? Just keep nodding your heads. In the up and down fashion not the side to side fashion Dave showed me just moments ago. He announced that he "didn't get it" but that he was "very glad that I did". That made me smile. Just to know that he appreciates my crazy birthday party schemes makes me appreciate him right back.

I accomplished a lot today. I really did, and if that was all there was to get finished by 7pm Friday evening then I'd be in really good shape. that all the running (or shall I say most of the running ) is done I have to begin putting it all together and make this party happen for my sweet Allison. She's so excited! I'm talking so excited she can't sleep and its only Monday! Its going to be long week for my girl (and for her mom=)

All I can share at this time is that our house will be covered from top to bottom in the very cool, very "grown-up I'm not a baby anymore" colors of hot pink, lime green, black and zebra print. I sure hope I can put all my plans in motion. If I can pull it off its going to be a GREAT party. Somewhere in the back of my mind is a silly little idea of painting her bedroom walls in zebra stripes as she attends school on Friday. I know, I know its CRAZY and Dave is still shaking his head in that side to side motion, but if I can get everything else done by Thursday evening then why not make it happen. She would be SO surprised! and it would look SO cool!

After all it's all in the details, right?


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