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As promised...

This is Allison's surprise birthday room makeover. I look at it and still can't believe we were able to pull it off in just 8 hours, but we did. Now don't kid yourselves and think its finished, but it was finished "enough" for her party that night. We still have some work to do. I've got a quart of hot pink paint to apply somewhere, but have not yet decided which wall, in what pattern or design, and when it will happen. I just know that it will and I think it will add a little "punch" to the green walls.

You can see a glimpse of the black ceiling in this photo. I wasn't sure at first if this was such a good idea, but now that its done I can say that I LOVE it. It really is awesome. You can also see our Zebra patterned doors. Dave shocked and surprised me when he agreed to this. He even did the painting for me. It adds so much to the room! (Just ignore the green tissue paper stuck the bottom of the door. Remember it was the night of her slumber party and somehow it got "stuck" there in the semi-wet paint. I have yet to peel it off and touch up the paint.)

A view of her bed. I LOVE this bed. I found it in Canton and I could NOT walk away from the price. I wouldn't usually tell you how much I spent on something, BUT this was an amazing deal. Its a Thomasville piece of furniture, headboard, footboard and rails, hand painted. Are you ready for this? $140.oo. I know, UNBELIEVABLE. It is. The little night stand (I forgot to get a picture of) was only $60.00. I was too excited to purchase this for Allison. She LOVES it.

Her bedding is a collection of pieces from a little bit of everywhere. The quilt came from Horchow. The pillows from Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart, Canton, and friends. It all came together nicely.

Her dresser. Crazy, huh? Yeah, it is. I used a roll of wrapping paper(purchased in Canton) and two jars of Modge Podge glue. She loves it. I kind of do too. I mean if I was 12 I would.

So this is what happened to Allison's bedroom. We still haven't gotten any shoe moldings down around the new floors, but someday is what I tell myself almost every day. I also haven't hung anything on her walls yet. They are looking pretty bare, but honeslty the colors and patterns are pretty bold in here and I'm having to really think about what needs to be hung that will add to the whole look not overwhelm it.

Oh yeah, she also has a zebra print rug on the floor. Its a 5x9 and it is on the side of her bed over by the doors. It looks really cool.

So what will we do when it comes time to sell this house? Ummm...not worry about it. My last house had more colors on the walls than you could imagine and it sold just fine. Remember that my kitchen in that house was red, purple, orange, green, and yellow with teal accents? Its all in the staging of it. If you make it work, people will like it. Trust me, they will.

So what do you think? Its ok, you won't hurt my feelings cause the kid I did all of this for thinks its AWESOME and thats what made it all worth it=)


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