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Pinch me...please

Go ahead. Somebody do it. If you don't pinch me and wake me up then I might actually start to believe that its not cloudy outside and that its not raining today and not cold. I might actually think that spring is here or something like that. While were at it go ahead and pinch me to wake me up out of this dream I'm having about actually getting my wireless internet to connect and having the opportunity to blog today.

I can't even believe this day. Sunshine and internet? How blessed am I?

So much going on around our house. Lots to be grateful for. Several pictures to post and share(you know like the ones of Allie's bedroom make over you asked for last week before our internet service went out). But...the time is not yet at hand to make a long post. I'm just popping in to share with you that we are all alive and well. The stomach bug has gone and as of noon today the older kids were both at school bug free and Dave was in the office feeling great. Ash and I managed to escape and I am ever so grateful for that.

While speaking of being grateful I just wanted to say that this past weekend my heart was blessed yet again by the parents and families of the boys on our baseball team. It never fails to bless my heart to watch them all interact with our Ashley. To see them get down on her level to speak to her, ask her how she is, and play with her. You would be surprised to know how many people in our "circle" ignore Ash on a weekly basis and just pretend she's not there or think she's not capable of interacting with them. That's a whole different post I don't feel like writing about at this time, but I did want to say that there is just something about seeing a grown man take the time during the middle of his son's baseball game to play with my sweet girl. My heart is blessed week after week by these families who love our baby. I'm just so grateful for those people in our lives. So grateful and so blessed by the way they treat her. They look right past her disabilities and see the miracle of her life. It brought me to tears this past weekend. It just did. I stood back and watched the interaction, listened to the conversations, and thanked God for these dads. They made my day.

Well, its time to run. Hope your all well and blessed and seeing the sunshine in your part of the world. What a difference the sun makes!


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