Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


What do you say...

when you begin to realize

that your baby is growing up

and the dreams you had for her that you feared were dead

start to live again?

As a parent you never really give up on those broken dreams. Even though years go by and they don't come true. They still live deep inside of your heart and you still long for them to come to pass. You continue to push, encourage, and pray that some day, some way, what you so desperately want for your child will happen for them. Today I witnessed the re-birth of one of my dreams for my Ashley and what joy welled up inside of me. I really do believe that her chair is only temporary. She's going to get this. She is.

21 independent steps with the help of her walker today = the freedom to run miles and miles in her tomorrows.

Every day is a miracle. A living, breathing, miracle of our God who just happens to be my daughter. My beautiful girl. Thank you for praying for our Ashley. Through the long, scary, unsure days of her life. Thank you for not forgetting to pray for our baby gherkin. It has made all the difference.


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