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Tournament Update?

Well, I knew it would be a crazy weekend, but I had no idea I would still be waiting to hear at 11:15pm if Allison's team had advanced to tomorrow's play. Call me cranky, BUT I placed a call to her coaches at 8:00pm and I'm still waiting not too happily to find out whether or not I need to get her to the fields before leaving for Blake's tournament(over an hour away).

This morning I sent Blake to his tournament with friends while I went to the soccer tournament with Allie and Ashley. Allie played an awesome game and they won in a shut out by more points than I can even remember. I hurriedly left the fields and made my way over to Blake's first game of the day. They also won their game. It was 10-1. As he was playing his first game I was receiving updates by phone about Allie's second game. It ended in a tie 2-2. Neither of their next games ended well for them. Allison's team lost 1-0 and Blake's team lost 5-4.

Tonight I've got a very sunburned 12 year old who fell asleep in the middle of our bed and a beaten and bruised 14 year old. At last count right before he went to bed he had 8 bruises on his arms(2 of them really nasty) from blocking pitches. His arms are beat up. I've never seen him look this bad after two games. Never. He is so sore and we are hoping by morning things will look better for him than they do tonight. It always makes me laugh to hear the coach go on and on about what GREAT pitching was thrown during the games when the catcher looks as though he was in a fight and came out on the losing end. If the pitching was that great don't you think the ball would have ended up in his glove? Call me crazy along with tired and cranky but it makes sense to me. Oh, well he is doing what he loves. He's been catching behind the plate since he was 4 years old and I'll tell you one thing he is a really good "blocking catcher". That's the first question Pudge asked him the day he met him. "Are you a blocking catcher?" and Blake answered "yes sir!" I dare say Pudge Rodriguez would be proud if he could see Blake tonight.

Ashley Kate had a great day. She laughed and played with her grandparents at the soccer fields once I left for Blake's tournament. She is so tired from all the playing that I can hear her snoring all the way down the hall. She had so much fun today. I love to see her so happy!

I really don't think I'm going to hear from Allie's coach. Not sure what to do about that. I need to leave here by 9:30 to have Blake in Nacogdoches by 11:00. Don't know if I need my girls to go with me or if Allie needs to be at her fields for an 11:00 semi-final match. I really have no idea. If thats the case it would have been nice to know something so I could have made arrangements for one or the other of my big kids to catch a ride in the right direction. I can only be in one place at a time.

Its been a great day, just a LONG one. I took some amazing pictures of all three of the kids today, but I'm too tired to walk out to the car and grab the camera so I can load them. Maybe I'll add them to this post tomorrow? What a blessing it is to have these days to spend with my kids. I wouldn't miss this time with them for anything in the world. I just know I'm blessed. Well, I guess I'm off to sleep on the couch and I'll have to figure out what direction to go come morning. Hope I get everyone where they are supposed to be. The Texas Pride just might be short a mid-fielder if I don't hear from those coaches!


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