Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Around our House

Around our house we are learning lots of things.

Ashley Kate is learning how to crawl. Its amazing to watch. She has taught herself. Hands and knees at 4and1/2 years old. She crawls across the rug. It leaves us speechless. We hold our breath and try to be very still as we watch. Monday Blake called to announce, "Did you know she can crawl!" The excitement in his voice caused a huge smile to spread across my face. I had seen her crawl a couple of times last week and had not mentioned it to him. Shame on me! He was thrilled to discover her newly acquired skill, realizing just how HUGE it was.

I'm learning that our Allison is growing up. Really growing up. I sit and listen to her talk on and on and share story after story of a certain someone whom I am suspecting is her first crush. Trying not to give it away that I have figured it out and to just smile and nod as I listen. Its something I know her daddy and I aren't quite ready for, but in its own way is just too sweet. In addition to all of this excitement I took her to experience another first this week. She was so excited! Until it actually happened. Then the look on her face was something I know I'll never forget. Not much else to share except that she is looking more beautiful than ever and each time I tell her how nice they look she grins and her eyes sparkle.

Blake is learning how to live without a baseball in his hand. Its not been an easy week. My heart is so broken for him as I watch the range of emotions wash over him each day. Today was a hard day. Really hard. He shared with me his frustration and even his anger over the place he finds himself in. Being idle is very, very difficult for him. He is not one to sit inside. He wants to be in the cage. He wants to swing a bat. He wants to throw a ball. He wants to practice tomorrow. He wants to play this weekend. None of those things can actually happen. The only thing that brings me peace about his situation is knowing it is temporary. It will heal and this time will pass. It will. I hope. I'm afraid for him this weekend. He insists on going to the tournament to be with his team. I just pray that he can adjust a little more to the idea of not playing before he travels there. Watching another player take his place on the team is going to be very hard for him. Just talking about it has him struggling tonight. I've realized this week that even though he tries very hard to be a man he is still a kid. A kid with a broken elbow that has broken his heart. He's hurting and I'm hurting for him.

Other than all of that drama not much is going on with us. Just thankful I get to be the mom to these three amazing kids. Whether its crawling, crushing, or crying, I'm blessed to be the one they share it with.

Thanks so much to all of you who have shared that you are praying for Blake during this time. I'm convinced God can use this for good in his life. I've learned that I grow more when I'm being challenged and so I'm counting on that happening for my son too. He assures me he is praying for the heart issues that this is causing in his life as well as for quick healing(don't guess it hurts to ask for REALLY quick healing does it?). Hope you all have a blessed week.


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