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Under Construction

Its 7 Saturdays away and in the meantime Ashley Kate's 5th birthday celebration is under construction. We are in the planning and materials stage. Reserving props and hiring entertainment. I'm so excited! With all the sick days she's experienced lately my heart needed something to focus on. So the amazing 5th birthday party is what I've chosen. I just can't believe our girl is almost 5 years old.

This weekend I'll begin painting banners for all the booth fronts. The garage is being converted into my workshop for the next two months. When all is said and done this party is going to be her best ever. I know she'll love it.

Ash has been staying awake for longer periods of time. Each day seems to get a little better. Its slow in coming but she's starting to move some. Yesterday morning she came out of her room on her own for the first time in weeks. This morning she took about 20 steps while holding on to my hands. Her legs are tiny and weak, but she managed to get from the hall way to the ottoman which is not quite half way across the family room. My heart was encouraged. She's lost several pounds and on our tiny girl a few pounds is a lot. Putting that weight back on her is going to take months and months. Thats if we even can. I'm not convinced we will be able too. We allowed her to ride in the car with us to pick up Blake from church last night and it was the happiest I've seen her since she became sick. She's been in the hospital or the house for almost a full month now and that's not the way Ash chooses to live. She likes being on the go, but in order for that to happen she's got to regain her strength. Its happening a little more each day. Still no therapy. Dave and I are choosing to take it slow with her. I think we allowed her to jump back into the swing of things too soon last time and we don't plan on making that mistake again. She needs time to rest and seems to be enjoying her carefree days with no schedule.

In the meantime my sister came to visit and helped me finish the redesigning of the girls rooms. Allie's desk finally arrived, some items got hung on the wall and all that is lacking in her bedroom is the hanging of the chandelier we redid for her. Ashley Kate's room and furniture has all been painted. It is so incredibly cute! No pinks or pastels left. Instead its all been replaced by a bright red, sage green, and yellow pallet. We used a red gingham and green swiss dot fabric that ties in with her bedding on her big girl bed beautifully. It is definitely a little girls room now and no longer a nursery. All I have left to complete in her room in the awning that hangs over her bistro table. I hope to have it finished by the start of next week.

Next week the kids have soccer and baseball camps. Then my other sister will arrive and begin helping me sew the sides and tops of the carnival booths. She will also start baking the dozens of sugar cookie shapes that will make up the table center pieces. Sugar cookies freeze for up to three months and come out tasting as fresh as the day you baked them(it helps to have an amazing baker and cake decorator as a sister:) We've got to get a head start on them.

Does anyone know of a local clown for hire that makes balloon animals? I'm having a hard time finding one in our area. My other option is to convince Blake and his friends to take some crash courses and dress up for his baby sister. He's not thrilled about the idea since their girl friends are invited to the party. I'm hoping not to have to resort to that, but if I have to I will.

Anyway, thats whats up around here. Our girl is home, almost 5, and happy. I'll take it. We had really hoped she'd be walking around her carnival in her walker but she might be driving her chair instead. Either way its going to be quite a celebration!


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