Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Things that make me happy

Fall garland hanging around our front door and the large pumpkins that accompany it. Pulling up to the house and seeing that each day just makes me smile.

The delicious smell of a Yankee candle burning in the family room.

Walking back to check on Ashley Kate and seeing a book in her hands. I remember sitting on the floor of her hospital room crying the night of her birthday party as I flipped the pages of the books she had been gifted with. I cried because I feared she would never have the ability to enjoy them. Today, my heart is happy watching her take interest in them and seeing her flip the pages on her own.

Knowing that an amazing birthday cake is in the works at my sisters house for Blake and his girlfriends 15th birthday. Yummy! He's pretty happy about this one too! I love that their birthday is on the same day. It just makes it fun! Shopping with Blake for his Allison makes me happy. He hates to shop and to watch him do something so out of character is fun.

Decreasing Ashley Kate's meds today. No more valuum! No more methadone! Only fentanyl left to go and our girl will be all on her own. With that comes the life in her eyes. Its coming back a little more each day as the meds are reduced.

Listening to 7th grade drama. I know, I know, it shouldn't make me happy, but to have the opportunity to hear my Allie and her humorous take on the goings on in 7th grade just makes me smile.

Preparing uniforms for this weekends ballgames. Soccer at 9am then a trip to some town I've never heard of for baseball at 6 and 8. Yeah, its what we love to do. I'm so happy to get to go.

My mom and her willingness to be here so that I can be "here" for Blake and Allie. I would really be struggling without her help and the happy heart that accompanies it. Such a blessing.

Spending the lunch hour with Dave every, single day. I miss this so much when we are in Omaha. Its the best part of my day.

My son and his friends. Their funny. Really, really funny. They make me laugh.

Home. Just something about this place that puts a smile on my face. I love it. Its ours. Its comfortable. It houses all the people I love best. Its in Texas. What about that doesn't make you happy? Its a wonderful place to be.

Volleyball. Never thought I would ever say that. Really, I never dreamed this game could make me happy, but to see my girl playing it...It makes me happy. She's awesome!

Blessings. Undeserved, unexpected blessings. Like the flowers that arrived from Florida Tuesday morning in celebration of a "Tuesday at home". It made me smile. Thank you Wendy, what a wonderful blessing. You are so thoughtful.

Time. It makes me happy. Making every single minute of it matter.

Carpool. This one is for you Rachel...just sayin:)

On that note, its time to go pick up the kids. Have a great afternoon.


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