Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


This morning...

we are making a call to the ER in hopes that they will agree to shoot an x-ray for us and then to TPA the lumens of Ashley's line. It is still not drawing. It does infuse. It does flush. It does not draw. We honestly to do not believe the line has shifted at all. It is securely stitched on the outside just below its exit point. It is fastened well and in tact underneath a new dressing. The length of the external portion is not more than it has been. We believe there is a clot on the end of the line(very common occurrence with central lines), making the need to bust that up with TPA important.

Our local hospital has indeed used TPA for us on two occasions with no problems. The last time we took her in it was a run around with finally informing us that they did not know how to do that. We in fact knew that was not true because we had been in there and done it before. I even gave them the exact dates of treatment, but they sent us away without treating her.

We need to have an agreement that they will in fact treat her before we take her in and expose her to all that is there. Ash is not well enough to run up there if they will not do anything to help. Administering TPA is a very simple process. They draw up 1cc of the clot buster, we push it into the lumens, allow it to sit for 45 minutes, then draw it back out with the hope of getting blood to return in the process. Its not difficult. Doesn't take a lot of skill. Its just something that is not written for and dispensed outside of a hospital setting.

I am hoping they can help us. Hoping the will help us. Hoping this will work. If it doesn't I'm not sure where we go from here.

Outside of the line issues, I really feel like yesterday was a better day for Ashley. She was awake more, communicated more, and looked a little stronger to me. She had to have a bath and shampoo and her hair braided which takes a lot of energy and although it was hard on her she managed to be up and sitting with assistance and in her chair for about 30 minutes straight. That was really good. I thought her appearance was less yellow than the previous days making me hopeful that her liver is functioning a little better. I could be wrong, but her eyes and skin looked a little clearer to me for some reason. Maybe I'm just being hopeful, but its the beginning of a new week and I might as well start out that way.

Your prayers for assistance with her line are very appreciated. I just hope they will help us here in town today. If they won't then we will be attempting to get her in to be seen in Shreveport in the morning instead of waiting until Wednesday.


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