Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Smooth Sailing...Ummm...No

We arrived home yesterday evening around 5:30. Ash did ok on the drive until we pulled into Longview and then...she blew. Sweet girl tried to hold it all in and couldn't quite make it. So we pulled over and let her throw up for a good ten minutes or so. By the time we actually carried her into the house she was spent. A lot of activity for a little girl who hasn't been out of the bed for more than a few minutes at a time in months. But...

The look on Blake and Allie's face as we walked in the back door through the kitchen was incredible. A smile spread across that big brother's face as he said," Well, hi" and Allie couldn't believe she was home a day earlier than expected. Although Ash was too exhausted and weak to smile or interact she was happy to be home and you could see the peace spread across her face as we made her a comfortable place on the couch to lie down.

The night was nothing like we had hoped for. It was rough. Arriving home assuming the pharmacy had been able to fill all her prescriptions and deliver them to the office. When it came time to give her scheduled doses of methadone it was not there. Along with all the other controlled subtance narcotics. No fentanyl patches, valium, or methadone. Ugggh!!! Our pharmacy was closed as was her local doctors office who was writing the scripts for us in Texas so that they could be filled and released to us. It was time, now past time, for her doses and she had already begun vomiting and trembling. Dave was forced to call her doctor on his personal cell phone and ask him to come back in to his office to write scripts. He did. Such a blessing...then after going to the three pharmacies and calling three others found out no one in town had it. Next call...the ER to a friend of ours who happened to be the physician working last night. We loaded Ash up, took her in, registered her, had the 2 mg pushed into her g-tube, and then drove back home. Once we arrived home Blake and Allie were already asleep. Ashley and I were up every single hour until 6am. She spent most of the night vomiting.

This morning it was more of the same. Vomiting and running around getting more scripts re-written, two trips to the pharmacy, and then finally getting the right meds for her. They were all late, but now we have them and the rest of the day has gone much better. She has been sleeping for the last two hours. Resting well with no episodes of vomiting. I think tonight is going to be the night we had hoped for last night. Except that the big kids are all grown up and have plans because its Friday night! Anyway, its really ok, our goal is for their lives to continue on and not stop because of Ashley Kate's.

My favorite moment home so far was definitely this morning. Ashley's bed is now in our room next to ours and early this morning both of the older kids came in to greet her. My heart was blessed as I watched them visit with her and chase down whatever she requested. Her requests were funny and random and once they came back with it she didn't want it anymore. Blake laughed at that baby girl and kept trying to please her. I love my kids. LOVE them. Love watching them all together.

Again, life is not perfect. Its not even what we used to call is blessed. We are so grateful. So incredibly happy to have her back home with us.

Thank you for your prayers, your excitement, your genuine well wishes for our family. The support you have shown us is absolutely appreciated. We love you guys so much. Thank you again.


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