Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Close Your eyes...

really tight...make a wish...anything your heart desires...

I think she knows!

Yes, sweet Ashley Kate, today is the day you are going HOME!!! You've earned it my sweet baby girl and we are taking you there.

Her smile has returned to us. She is up, dressed, and ready to go. She's signing, smiling, and I swear I see that twinkle in her eye.

When I look at her this afternoon my heart is overwhelmed! God is so good. So very good. We planned on taking our little one home but were so unsure of when we might actually get a glimpse of her again. Before we've even left the doors of this hospital He has allowed her to show up today and my heart is SO encouraged. Just look at this girl. She's ready. She's fought hard and now its time to go home and be a kid again. That is exactly what we plan on letting her do. I'm so thankful this is the girl I'm taking home to Blake and Allie. I can't even tell you how happy they are going to be to see her smile. Its a good day. A really, really good day!


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