Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



I know its early, but I just had to share....SHE HAS A PERFECT BLOOD GAS!!!

Can you believe it? I was lying here, praying, almost dreading what was going to be done when the nurse and RT stepped in and whispered, "are you still awake?" Ummmm...Yeah...

Then they said, "its perfect. She has a perfect blood gas." They read me the numbers and I am so relieved, so blessed, so happy.

Ashley's breathing sounds awful! The noise coming from her throat brings back to me very vivid, very real memories of our last attempt at extubation, but...this time she is not only able to oxygenate she is able to ventilate past the swelling as well. Her sats are decent, blood gas is perfect, heart rate is stable, blood pressure is rock solid. Other than the "ugly" sound of her breaths SHE IS DOING IT this time. Or rather HE IS DOING IT? Either way you want to spin it, at this time she is currently not in dangerous waters. The vent has even been removed from the room! I realize we still have another 24 hours to go, but this morning I'm lying here in the early morning hours listening to my daughter breathe, not effortlessly, not quietly, but still adequately and I have to praise God for that.

Now I'm going to close my eyes for a little while longer. Enjoy your day.


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