Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


10 things to be thankful for in room 409

1. Ash's line worked exactly as it should this mornings blood draw
2. The blood values look better than yesterday
3. Her regular PICU Dr. is getting some much needed time off and a fill in Dr. stopped by and was very pleased with how she is breathing over the vent.
4. thus her morning x-ray for tomorrow has been canceled
5. if she continues looking as good as she does now she might get to come off vent tomorrow or Sunday
6. blood gases canceled because the Dr. likes how she looks
7. Pharmacist has made significant progress on weening her off the narcotics
8. and.....when my lunch plate got here it was catfish, Trish hates catfish but she ordered it knowing that I would be here. :)
9. A couple of local Blog readers are bringing a basket full of stuff and some mexican food later.
10. We are blessed with progress today in room 409


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