Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Setteling in

This will be short because this hospital blocks access to our blog so I have to peck it out on my phone. Here goes. When we arrived here they had a poster hanging on the wall and all the staff had written encouraging welcome messages to Ash. Someone had purchased pink sheets and had them on the hospital bed for Ash. It really made us feel welcome. I was impressed. Most of what our Dr here received in report from Omaha turned out to be wring so settling in took longer than we expected. Trish and I took turns holding Ash down as she thrashed about the bed for several hours while they tried to find the right combination of meds to settle her. Was scary for a time as she was fighting hard to pull her breathing tube out. She is doing well now. Has had some trouble with her lungs and fluid on them. We don't expect much to be done for a few days as they just want to allow time for the swelling to reduce. Trish is heading home to be with our older kids tonight so I am just gonna hang out here with my favorite gherkin.


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