Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



My heart can hardly bare the sight of her wound. It is so severe. So painful. So unnecessary.

We have all been wounded so deeply by the events of the last 6 weeks. I don't know that our family will ever recover from these wounds, but I know that we will try.

At this time Dave and I desperately want to bring our family back together. A wound left unattended will only become more disastrous. I feel that if we don't tend the wounds in the hearts of our children and in our own hearts as well that we will be left with only disaster.

My hope is that tomorrow healing will begin. My hope is that tomorrow she will have the breathing tube removed from her throat and that her lungs will fill with air and expand on their own. My hope is that our hearts will be heard. A plan will be made for discharge. A date will be set to return.

I have a responsibility. One of my deepest wounds is the knowledge that my children and my husband are hurting because of our absence. I'm raising a family. I need to do my job. Ashley's health, her wounds, her heart are my priority. So are the wounded hearts of my husband, my son, and my oldest daughter. God please heal our wounds. Allow us to be together soon. Allow me to do all that You have asked of me, all that I am called to do. Heal our Ashley. Bring her home.

Our wounds are deep. We are all struggling. Mostly and more severely than the rest of us, is our sweet Ashley Kate.


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