Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


This morning...

...we hope to eliminate all of this.

The plan is to take Ashley Kate off of the ventilator sometime this morning. Her respiration's are a little higher than ideal, but she is completely breathing over the vent settings and needs to be extubated. Her upper right lobe can't effectively open up with the pressure the vent is set to give. She will have to be off the vent, sitting up, coughing and receiving c-pap therapy to open it up and oxygenate well. I know she will be on some oxygen, but a nasal cannula is so much better than what you see here.

Ashley's wounds are all healing very nicely. At this time I can clean, pack and dress all of them with little to no discomfort. The only wound that is causing her pain is her foot. It is very, very painful and I know I will be hearing her cries once the tube is taken out of her throat. We really have no idea what the injury is going to look like as time goes on. Currently it has filled with fluid and appears to be the biggest blister ever on the history books of blisters, but this is just a guess as to what it actually is. Wound consults gave us very little instruction. They just don't know what to do with it. Many, many "injustices?", "mistakes?", "poor decisions?" led to the injury that night. Its a day I would like to forget ever took place, but the size of the wound and the pain it is causing her makes it so hard to forget.

Her abdominal drain is putting very little out, making me hopeful that we have effectively removed the fluid in the cavity. I don't know if it will remain or be removed. I just don't know. I'm going to discuss it in rounds today.

The meeting this afternoon is important. I hope to have solid answers and direction as a result of it. I hope.

Finally, this journal may be called "Ashley's Story", but truthfully it should be titled "Our story". Its not about a little girl, but more about the impact that little girl has had on her family and those who love her. Sorry. It was written for our family. The world has been allowed to follow along, but originally it was to share our experiences with our extended family. No need to comment, just putting it out there. No one upset me, its just been mentioned several times that we should only be talking about Ashley here and not about our family through the journey. It is impossible to separate Ash from anyone of the 5 of us. She is part of our family and her hurts, struggles, triumphs, and success' belong to each one of us. Again, I'm not upset...but I am telling you that I will continue to journal the experience this has on each of us honestly, accurately, and non- edited.. I won't monitor my heart or my words to please those who think I should leave Dave, Blake, Allie, or my own experience, feelings, struggles, and hurts out of it.

Love you guys. I appreciate your presence so very much. Each of you who pray for our Ashley are making a difference. To think where she might be if no one ever lifted her to the Father. Thank you for loving us the way that you do. For wanting to defend us and protect our hearts. You all have touched our hearts and we are not the same because of the precious words you share. Thank you so much.


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