Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Big plans

All throughout today and especially tomorrow morning we would greatly appreciate your prayers. The big plan is to remove the breathing tube from Ashley's throat. We have no idea if it will end in success or disappointment but the ICU doc said, "the only way she will ever come off is if we keep trying". We are in agreement that we should give her another chance. Our hopes and our prayers for her are that the swelling and trauma in her throat and around her vocal cords is gone or at least reduced enough that she can breathe despite it. We are so ready to take this little girl home and allow our family to love on her in the upcoming months. We need three or four good ones before we are allowed to return to Omaha.

For today Dave is with our girls in the PICU and I am sitting at the ballfield watching my son do what he loves most. I don't take a moment of this time for granted knowing how uncertain the time I will have with him playing his freshman year is. When Ash gets her next transplant I will be absent for many months making today so very precious. So... He and I are enjoying it. We've laughed hard. Visited a lot. Enjoyed lunch out together. Prayed for his little sister. And now we are ready to play ball. Not sure if I've shared lately how much I love this kid. I enjoy him so very much. He is such a joy to be with. I am so blessed today!

Dave and I are thinking about calling the grandparents to sit with Ash tonight so we might have a date night. We haven't spent more than a few minutes together at a time in months and we just miss hanging out with each other. I'm kind of excited about the idea!

So we have BIG PLANS in the works for this weekend. I'm feeling hopeful that she just might do it this time. If she does then we may just be days away from bringing her back home. That has us all smiling today. Thank you so very much for your prayers. Enjoy your day.


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