Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Tucked In

Ashley Kate is tucked safely in her bed. Its no longer down the hall. It resides next to mine. I can lie in bed and drift off to sleep as I gaze at her tiny face. Its peaceful and comforting and a blessing to see her in her bed instead of the giant hospital bed. I love her so much. I love looking at her so much. I love having her home so much.

Blake has gone to bed. Allie is on her way. Dave is sleeping soundly.

The world is right as long as we are here together. The five of us. Together. A family.

Its been a long day. Ash and I left for Shreveport at 11:30. We arrived home from Shreveport at 5:30. I was half an hour from home when the nurse called to let me know her labs looked even worse today than they did yesterday. She wanted to know if I wanted to turn around to redraw them again or take them in to the lab at the hospital tonight. I chose to the latter. Somethings not right with her lab work. There really is no explanation for the random numbers and levels that have come back the last two days. I'm still waiting on tonight's results hopeful that they look more realistic. I guess we will see.

Tomorrow is Allie's first volleyball game. She tried out at her new school. Somewhere between 60-80 girls. She made the A team! So very proud of this girl. So proud. We aren't really into volleyball that much, but its what you play when you are in ...I guess we will be getting in to it. She has a tournament this weekend along with her first soccer game of the season. Blake has baseball games this weekend too. Life is busy. We like it that way. Time with our kids while they are still kids. Before I know it they are going to be out on their own and I'll be wishing our schedules were full again.

We are doing our best to find the good in our days. Holding on to our sweet baby girl and soaking in the moments. She's precious. So very precious. We are one day closer to transplant eval which brings us one day closer to another chance. I'm concentrating on that. Good night guys. Love yall. Trish


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