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Full Nights Rest

We did it! For the first time in months we slept through the night! Do you have any idea how amazing it feels to wake up at 6am and know that you are rested? That your baby is rested? An incredible blessing!

The even bigger blessing is that she had no episodes of vomiting through the night. Once she was asleep she was really asleep. Peacefully. She slept through breathing treatments, meds, changes, bag care...all of it. That little one was worn out.

At 6am she opened her eyes, signed "stand up" and "walk", "I want". Cracked me up! If she really had the strength and ability then I would have put my walking shoes on and taken her. She has the desire to get up, her body just doesn't have the strength. She can sit independantly for about 5-8 seconds before falling into her pillows. She's lost so much, but if any child has the ability to gain it back its ours. I've seen her do amazing things in her 5 years.

So today we have big plans. Plans that include the 5 of us just being us and doing what our family loves. I love that. Totally LOVE that. We are feeling blessed this morning. So blessed. Have a great day guys. Enjoy your long weekend and your families.


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