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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Ready to Go

Its not quite 10am and Ash has been ready to go since her eyes opened two hours ago. She is sitting in the middle of the room yelling, pointing to the IV pole, signing for me to load those pumps in her backpack, and then "car, bye-bye, car bye-bye please". We do have a doctors appointment in Shreveport today that I have been looking forward to all week just because I will have an actual destination in mind while I drive her there. It will take an hour to get there and an hour home so my hope is that by the time we get back she will have gotten her little "fill" of the car for the day. I'm being hopeful.

Last night we enjoyed a quiet night, let me start over, we enjoyed a night(it wasn't too quiet) of watching our Texas Rangers whip up on the Yankees. I looked around the room and felt so blessed to be in it with all my kids and Dave doing something so normal. It was amazing. The game and the moments spent here at home. We made chili frito pies for dinner and all sat in the family room eating, talking, and watching baseball. It couldn't get any better than that. I love my son and I love listening to his commentary on the games. His favorite team playing his all time LEAST favorite team. Its been great to be home during this time.

Before the game I sat and watched Allie at soccer practice. She is guest playing for two teams this fall. One rec and one club. Last night was her first practice with the club team. Club teams are a little different. Very inclusive with each other, not so inclusive with new players. She played well but felt very unwelcomed by most of the girls. Not a big deal, she did her thing and thats what she was there for. We are allowing her to play with them just to see if she likes their style of play before trying out in January. Its an experiment. Not so much about the girls but more about the game. I enjoyed watching her work hard and play.

Before soccer practice I shot baskets with Blake and Allie. One of my very favorite things to do. Its no secret I have a passion for playing and coaching basketball. Its really hard knowing that the opportunity to coach is gone once again this year, but it makes the decision to do so last season all the sweeter. What a gift it was to have been given a full year of health with Ash so that I could feel confident enough to take on a team again. I don't regret the hours spent in the gym with Allison one little bit. I'll miss having that opportunity this year. So to get my fill I take coaching to the driveway and work with Allie. She's hoping to make one of the teams this week. There are a huge number of girls trying out. Close to 80! Things are so different in public school. I feel pretty confident she will make at least one of the teams, but she's hoping for the A team. Guess we will find out next week.

So life at home is as normal as can be. Taking care of Ash, running the kids here and there, Mainly to practice of some sort, cooking dinner, and soaking up the moments when we are all here together. I love the normal moments we are given. LOVE them. Its the mundane that I miss the most when we leave. Allie has a soccer game with her own team this Saturday and a tournament as a guest player next weekend. Blake has a big tournament this weekend at Craig Ranch. My sisters are coming in next weekend to spend some time in Canton for their birthdays. Girls weekend! So excited about that. Dave and I are taking occasional moments to spend alone talking, planning, and going over decisions that have to be made. I don't always enjoy what we are forced to talk about, but I do enjoy sitting next to him while we do it. Transplant is working on financial approval at this time with the insurance company before we can proceed any further. Its step one on the long stretch of this journey we have ahead of us. Once that is secured then a date for re-evaluation will be set. Other than that not much is happening. We are blessed with this time together and its never far from our thoughts that God is with us during it. Even on the days when I'm struggling I remind myself again and again that He is not absent, not silent, not too occupied else where. He is here and it is a gift from Him that we are together for now.

Hope you enjoy your day. I'm off to brush a 5 year olds hair(what she has left of it anyway:(. Take care. Trish


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