Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



In case you haven't noticed....ummm...our blog is a mess. It looks like the designer of our blog (who went out of business years ago) has something that expired and therefore took our blog template and all our photos with it.

So...I don't know what we will do at this point. I have NO idea how to fix it. To be completely honest I have NO desire to learn anything new at this point in my life other than how to care for Ash. My mind is kind of mush when it comes to most things other than her care and especially computer type things and is what it is.

Sorry. We had no warning it was coming. Had no idea it was going to happen or I might have tried to find someone who could have redesigned it for us while saving our old stuff. Anyway, this is what has happened from what we can figure out.


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