Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Common Bond

The transplant world is a different kind of place. Few live there, even fewer live in the parts of it that include bowel transplant. We kind of all form a common bond around each other. Its funny because people whom you may have never even met feel as though they are family. There is just something about being one of those moms who have stood in that place, sat by that bed, and prayed through the most intense of tears, that binds you together. In our journey we have had the privilege of becoming real life friends with a few of the other families. Its those kind of friendships that you treasure.

This morning my dear friend Joan is standing by the bed of her sweet Kylie. They are doing another scope around 10am, and I am asking you for your prayers. She stands in the place that brought us to where we are today with Ashley Kate. Kylie is in rejection. Has been for the last couple of weeks. They have treated it and are now going in to look for signs of hope. Hope that says, this bowel is recovering, it is healing, it is going to be ok. I know this can happen. It happened twice before for our Ashley. I also know it may not happen. As you all know it didn't for her this last time. Joan is an amazing mommy. Truly an amazing person. It is tearing my heart out to watch her endure this battle with her tiny girl. We visited last night and her words pierced my heart so deeply because I too had felt the gravity of them. I knew firsthand how very difficult this time in for her and I knew how very difficult it is to hold on to whatever hope your can during it.

Please pause this moment and pray for healing for Kylie. I know our God is able to heal. He chose not to heal Ashley Kate and I will never understand His reasons for that. I'm just doing all I can to trust that He knew things I did not know, He was aware of something that I was not and in that knowledge has led us down this road instead. I have to believe that. As much as I am clinging to that truth in my life I am clinging to the truth that He may indeed spare Kylie ex-plant and allow healing in her body.

Thank you so much for praying. I've witnessed it many, many times before and I know that you will stand in the gap for us and our friends again. You can follow her story over at Caring Bridge. Her name is Kylie Walleser. Thank you.


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