Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Update: Kylie's transplanted bowel was explanted. She came through the surgery and I received a beautiful, peaceful, picture of her over the phone as she lay resting in her room. She has a long journey ahead of her. I never dreamed my sweet friend would be traveling such a similar path to ours. Our girls have different issues, but ultimately they both need to be re-listed, receive the call for organs, and survive yet another difficult bowel transplant. There are things in this life that I will never understand and the suffering of our little girls is definitely one of them.

Her website is You can leave messages for Joan there.

I won't disclose any details because I have not yet spoken with Joan, but I am asking for prayers for Kylie all night. Please, please, please pray for my friend and her tiny girl. They need our prayers. Its been a very, very rough day for them and its not over yet. Kylie is a tough little girl. She and Ashley Kate are so very much alike. They fight so hard and they endure so much.

Kylie holds a very special place in mine and David's hearts. She means so much to us. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. I'll share more when I can, but for now please pray her through this.


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