Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


How would you?

Well...we are here. Have been since 10am. The Omegaven is here. I brought it with me and it was quickly whisked away to the hospital pharmacy. Hmmm. Hospital rules and such? Not sure, but they are "checking it" which to be honest I have no idea what that means. Its not like it can be taken out of the bottle it comes in or anything, but none the less they are checking it. Plan? To begin infusing at 4pm. Ok, whatever works for everybody...except that by 10:45 Ashley Kate was ready to go..."now". She was none to shy about letting us all know it either. If you came in the room she let you know "now". Cracks me up. Totally cracks me up how she thought she could tell her doctor exactly what she thought and expected him to obey. My sweet, sweet girl. She decided to cry instead of leaving. And cry she did.

Then she got happy once everyone left the room. For about...15 minutes. In that 15 minute period we had gone through every single thing I could fit in her suitcase to keep her busy for the 48 hour admission. Now what? How would you entertain a 5 year old who is all to aware of how long the days are when sitting in a hospital room. Its almost as if time stands still and the seconds on the clock drag and drag and drag. We have been through 23 DVD's(please tell me how I could have walked out of our house without Mater's Tall Tales? Honestly?), all 5 books we brought, played with her Shamu, Mater, Lightning Mcqueen, Mac and dinosaur. Went downstairs and bought a new train and even found a new replacement dinosaur to put away just in case we are ever without the original(we bought him here in May and Praise God they had one more down there for us to pick up for an emergency). We have found all the Christmas trees in the entire hospital, enjoyed looking at the displays of reindeer, penguins, Eskimos, and bears, and now...we have nothing left to do.

Its only 3:00pm. We have about....43hours to go. How would you entertain her? I'm fresh out of ideas.

The older she gets the wiser she becomes. Its going to be a long 2 days. Its going to be an even longer year ahead. I'd better come up with some new tricks to get us through the next phase of her life.

Only about an hour to go until the Omegaven starts flowing into her veins. What a crazy, blessed life we are living!


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