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Things that make me smile

A happy 5 year old. She's been in the best mood today. Even at her doctor's appointment. She was signing and giggling and engaging with both her doctors today. That NEVER happens. It was nice to have them see her be herself.

School breaks. I LOVE having my kids in the house. LOVE having them around. It makes me smile.

Being told that the surgeon's decided that a neuro consult WOULD NOT BE NECESSARY this evaluation period. My heart is SMILING over that little piece of news we received earlier today. We still have lots of other consults to go through, but our toughest one has always been neurology. God is allowing us to skip that piece of the puzzle this go round.

Having all our holiday decorating in place so that we can just ENJOY it all rather than scrambling around trying to get it all up. I'm so happy its Christmas!

Knowing that in a couple of days we will be sitting at my sisters house all playing rounds and rounds of chaotic, loud, hilarious board games. It makes my heart happy to spend time with our very best friends. Its a bonus that we happen to be related to those friends. Dave and I are really, really looking forward to this holiday time spent with family.

Dave. After all these years he can still make me laugh every single day. I love that guy. Really, really love him for being so great.

Christmas Carols. Traditional, recognizable carols bring a smile to my face with the first few notes. I am not a fan of new Christmas music, or re-mix's of the old traditional ones. Just give me the real deal. It makes me smile every single time.

Road trips with the kids. I am really looking forward to driving all night with Dave and the kids as we make our way toward my sisters for Thanksgiving. You can bet those carols will be playing and I will be smiling the whole time.

Wrapping gifts. I am about to pull it all out and get started this afternoon. I can't wait to wrap that hideous, orange dinosaur for our baby girl. I'm smiling just thinking about it. By bedtime there should be beautifully wrapped, coordinated gifts sitting under the tree. That makes me smile. (Rachel and LouAnn, its all about the presentation, right? ...I'm just sayin:)


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