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Hard to believe

Blake pitching for the Warhawks Nov. 14, 2010

This afternoon Dave took Blake down to get his driver's permit. UNBELIEVABLE! The year he was born Dave and I were only 21 years old and had been married for 2 and 1/2 years. We kind of grew up along side of him. I still remember the day we loaded him up in the car to take him home for the first time. Remember it like it was yesterday. I am stunned when I look at this young man. He is an amazing guy and I love being his mom. To think that I will be the passenger and he will be the driver for the next year is so hard to believe. What happened to those days of buckling him in the car seat? Where has the time gone? To my young friends...if I could give you any parenting advice it would be this...treasure the everyday, the nothing special, the mundane acts of mothering. It goes so quickly and all too soon enough your sons will be driving you to the store. Wish us luck!


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