Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Promised Pics

The yellow bag of fluid is the TPN. The white bottle of fluid is the Omegaven. As I hooked her up tonight I just stared at the bottle hanging off the IV pole. So unreal to actually see it there, on the pole, connected to the line, infusing into her, in her own room. I still can't figure out how God did all of this for us, but He did. I just look at it and think, "Wow".

A beautiful shot of her smile. I love the twinkle in her eye and the joy on her face. Absolutely love this little girl. She is a precious, precious gift to me. One that I get to enjoy every single day. Its a lot of work, but the work doesn't hold a candle to the blessing that she is to us. Oh Ash, I LOVE you.

She is such a character. So awnry. You have no idea the trouble she can cause in a day! I found her neck deep in the Christmas gifts this afternoon. As I walked in the room and asked, "What did you do" she quickly threw the ornament she had stolen from the tree across the room and covered her face and head with some of the tissue paper she had torn out of the packages! She was hiding. It was so, so funny I grabbed the camera and shot video of her as she hid under the wrapping. I couldn't help but laugh at my girl. What a great memory. What a sight to walk into the room and find. I tried to store the images in my heart so that I'll never forget.

Its been a long time coming, but as I tip toe into Ashley Kate's room I catch a glimpse of that bottle and tell the Lord how very much I love her. I whisper thank you for His provision and I tell Him again that she is loved. What more did I pray for? I prayed so hard that she could give and receive love and she does that and so much more.

It blesses our heart to see her love on this silly "dinosaur". I think to myself, "how much more does she love all of us". She truly does love us all back, and life doesn't get any better than that. My sweet girl, you are a beautiful mess!


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