Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Surgery update

Ash is in surgery now. She has a massive infection in the bone behind her right ear. It has eaten into the bone and they are cutting behind the ear, drilling into the bone, and placing a drain tube leaving the incision open.

There are obvious risks but we had no other options. We are hoping they can stop the infection from spreading into the brain. The physicians shared with us that they have only seen an infection like this two times in the last fifteen years.

Currently there is a small sliver of bone left protecting the brain. The ct showed that it had not yet spread to her brain. We had approximately 48 hours to treat this.

It's been so quick and so confusing. Ashley looks amazing. Has no symptoms of illness or infection. To be told we are so close to disaster was almost unbelievable. It's just so crazy!

I'm so grateful I noticed the changes in her appearance as I combed her hair yesterday. I'm so grateful for the wisdom God has given my husband to know when to react quickly. I'm so grateful for our local physician and his wisdom. I'm so grateful for the long standing relationship my husband has with the imaging center. We did not have three days to waste while waiting for insurance approval on her ct scan. I'm so grateful that everyone has acted so quickly on ashleys behalf today.

We are in Longview. Surgeons and anesthesiologists who have never met our daughter are working on her at this moment. She is intubated. They plan on sending a piece of the bone to culture and try and identify what has invaded her tiny body.

Thank you for your prayers. Welcome to the world of severely immunosuppressed patients. It's the world we live in.


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