Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Under the Apple Tree

Ashley Kate is resting in the play room. She is cuddle up on her puppy pillow underneath the apple tree that her swing hangs from. The light is streaming through the windows across her face and I sit in the next room listening to her breathe. Its very, very peaceful.

She has spent most of her week asleep. I imagine she is busy healing while she rests. Her body is busy fighting the infection. She has little to no energy right now. She did sit up for a little while in her chair first thing this morning and again sat up on the play room this afternoon for a brief period of time. Its so odd to see her be so still and to listen to the silence. I' m used to her hollering for me to help with this or that and to seeing her scoot around the room to get to whatever she would like to play with. Right now she just doesn't have the energy to do either.

I know in the past when her liver has struggled she has required a lot more rest. It always seems to make her weak. I still don't understand what is happening to the liver and no one else does either. It just seemed to get sick along with her infection this time. I can't imagine how bad things would look if she weren't on Omegaven.

Its been a very low key day for us. Just giving meds and resting. Thats about all our day has consisted of. I'm hoping that by early next week she will be feeling stronger and have a little more energy for the trip over to Shreveport. She has to be seen by her doctors over there. She's really too weak at this point to make it over, but they are insisting. I'm just so hoping this weekend brings some healing to her body.

We are drawing more labs tomorrow and hoping for good news to come our way.

Dave's parents fixed us dinner tonight. Thats a blessing. I'm really tired and had no idea what I was going to feed the kids. Her med schedule is round the clock, interrupted sleep. Thankfully my mom is here so I can get a nap during the day. Overall we are doing well. Thankful to have us all under one roof and hopeful to keep it that way for a long while.


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