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The Best Gift

Its been such great weekend. Such a great day.

My sisters and my nieces came in to celebrate my birthday. We laughed, we played, we caught up, and we went to Canton. It doesn't get much better than that. Its become our bi-annual retreat. In the fall for their birthdays and in the spring for mine. We meet in Canton, stay two or three nights in our RV and have the best time imaginable. I love those girls and they are two of the best things in my life. I am sooooo blessed.

I was gifted with many wonderful things from them, from my mom, and from Dave. I really was. All kinds of gifts that made me smile all weekend long, but this afternoon I was given the best gift of all. The laughter that filled Ashley's playroom overwhelmed my heart. I sat on the floor with my youngest daughter and my two big sisters and I watched them play with and love on my Ashley. She laughed so hard and smiled so big I couldn't help but become captivated with the sight and sound of her happiness. In those moments I realized that none of the gifts given could even compare to the gift that God gave me almost 6 years ago. That little girl and the joy she exudes is by far the the best gift I ever been given. Oh, how I love her. Oh, how I love watching my family have the opportunity to love on her. It was such a precious moment in my life and a memory I will never forget. As we played with Ash she reached out to me, pulled me close and squeezed me tight. She gave me a hug in the best way she knows how and it melted me. Ashley doesn't hug me. She never does. She always hugs her daddy, but she's never really hugged me around the neck. She likes to cuddle with me and she likes to lie down on me, but those amazing hugs are reserved for her daddy. Its something I've always kind of envied, but I know she loves me anyway(maybe not as much as she loves daddy, but she loves me:)

Today Ash gave me a gift for my birthday. That little hug and the love she shared with me is something I will never forget. It was the best gift of the whole weekend and by far the best of the day. Perhaps the best of my whole life. I'm just so grateful to have her in my life.

So happy birthday to me. It was one of the best days I've had in a long time. Just me and my family at home doing nothing that special to most, but making memories that will remain special to me for a life time.

I really love my life and the people in it.


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