Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Tonight I sit surrounded by my family.

We are together.

So many nights over the last 6 years have been spent apart.

As I look at the face of my youngest child I find it so hard to imagine life without her in it. Who were we before the birth of Ashley Kate? I don't even remember that family.

I'm grateful for this moment. For the day we were given. For this night spent together.

While I'm working furiously to make memories with my children, all 3 together, and to sear into our hearts the way it feels to be a family, I remember all too well the way it feels to be apart.

May this time never end, may our moments together last forever, and my I never grow tired of hearing the laughter, the noise, and even the chaos that surrounds me when we in fact are all together.


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