Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Sweet Moments

A warm embrace...A helping hand...Joy...Laughter...Fellowship and Friends
Life is sweet!

shley Kate was surrounded by these sweet friends(and so many more) the night we celebrated her 6th birthday. There are so many things I LOVE about these images. The sweet little girls...the smile on Annabel's face...the way Kylie wraps her arms so gently around Ash to give her a hug...Miracles 1,2,3...Allie helping Ashley up off the floor...and the way Ash loves my dear friend Rachel back.

We were blessed that night and we will never forget it. Thank you so much for your presence in our lives and your attendance at her celebration. We love you Cathy and Annabel, Joan and Kylie, Rachel and Allie! Your friendships are a treasure that I hold dear. Not only in my life, but in Ashley Kate's as well.

Julie, thank you for capturing these images. They blessed my heart:)


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