Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Where did they go?

Sweet Ash slept soundly for almost 20 hours straight. No matter what cares were done she continued to sleep through them. A few times she opened her eyes to see who it was touching her, but mostly she just slept. She's awake now. Has been for the last couple of hours. Not comfortable. Not happy. Just awake.

Her vitals are all strong. Dave and I have been checking them frequently. She is stable. She is peeing. Her lungs are clear. We had a CBC run a few minutes ago and a metabolic panel. I'm looking for clues. Signs that may tell me what this infection is doing to her body. We received a call back from the lab that told us her CBC was all good except for her platelets. Only 25 registered when spun out in the machine. If that is in fact a real number and not a mis calculation then she needs a transfusion. We are waiting to hear back from the physician on call. Our pediatrician is unavailable this weekend and so a doctor who has never seen and knows no history on Ash will be informed of her labs. The lab is going to call us with any alarming results on the metabolic panel as soon as they finish it.

Ashley is third spacing. Its just become the norm now with her line infections. Her body just can't handle them as well as it used to and she always morphs into a new shape thats totally not recognizable. Its scary to see, but we are becoming used to it.

We still have no sensitivities back or an ID on the bacteria that has invaded her body. Hopefully we will know more tomorrow.

I guess the biggest question looming currently is where did all her platelets go and why are they gone?


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