Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



In less than 12 hours we have a positive culture from Ashley's line. Makes my heart sad.

Gram negative bacillus is all we know at this point.

She has been fever free and sleeping all day long. Very, very tired as her little body fights against the bug.

Its hard to see her beautiful little face and know that her body is so incredibly broken. When I check in on her she looks so peaceful and so sweet. Like she's napping. Deception. Its like a cruel joke. I see such perfection and such beauty when I look at her only to be followed by the realization that nothing about her body and her anatomy is perfect. Its all broken and that breaks my heart. She has a central line, her one and only hope at continuing on in this life, and its infected. Again. My heart is broken.

Holding on to our good days as we fight our way through the bad ones.

We are waiting on meds to be called in. She is home and will remain here unless things take a turn. Her vitals are all stable and she's holding her own. Just resting.


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