Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


The HAPPIEST of Birthdays

Good morning Ashley Kate,

Its here! Its really here, Ash! You did it. You made it to today and I am SO proud of you my sweet, sweet girl. You are 6 years old! How blessed are we!

Ashley Kate the light on your face, the twinkle in your eyes, the joy of you smile, and the precious sounds of your laughter do not reflect the pain of this past year, and I am SO grateful for this. Instead you radiate peace and happiness and contentment and a zest for living that I have rarely seen in any other. I know without a doubt that the Father has given you a very special heart. A heart that only sees good and only feels joy. You know no sadness. You refuse to let any struggle keep you down. You give and give and give back to this world and to our family despite the hard days you have. Ashley, I love you so much more than words could ever tell. Each day I give you a thousand kisses and I drink you in while I have you so close to me. You wrap your arms around my neck and squeeze so tight that I feel every ounce of love you have to give in that moment.

Every day with you there are a thousand things that bring me to my knees. Just to see you open your sleepy eyes each morning and greet me with a tiny smile is enough to make me thankful to our Father for my whole lifetime! That is just the beginning. Your hugs, your kisses, your smiles, your giggles, your ornery attitude, your stubborn will, your independent defiance of disability, your precious face, your yummy smell after a bath, your long hair, your presence in this home, your snuggles, your love of animal sounds, your new fondness for shoes, your silly interest in Myth Busters, your favorite spot, your everything brings me to a place of gratitude. An honest feeling of gratefulness that is so raw and so pure and found in the simplest of things. Ash, I love you for giving me that. Without you I know I would have never grown to this place in my own life. So many things I once took for granted and now see as gifts. Absolute gifts from a loving God.

What do I hope for you in this 6th year? A MILLION things! More than anything I hope for you to feel the love of all who know you. To feel loved Ashley Kate is the very best of things. To know you have a place to call home, a family to surround you, and a God to protect you are the most precious of gifts. Despite anything that comes your way Ash if you know in your heart these three things then I know you will overcome it all. I wish desperately that I could promise you there will not be anymore struggles, or scary days, or painful times. If only mommy could make that promise. Since I can't promise you that I will promise you this instead. I will be near you on those days, through those struggles, and in painful times. You will not endure them alone. Your mommy will go there with you, she will fight to protect you, and she will pray without ceasing for you until we make it back to happier places. We will do this together Ash. Never a day will you be asked to fight alone. Never.

Sweet Ashley Kate you are so loved. Did you know daddy loves you and mommy loves you and Blake loves you and Allie loves you and Jesus loves you? Did you know?

Happy Birthday baby gherkin. Today is a day of celebration. A day of joy. A day of happiness. It is the day the Lord had made and it is the day He gave to us a gift that we so desperately needed in our lives. Its you!


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