Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Still so much to finish:)

I'm so glad today is Thursday. Since its Thursday that means its actually our Friday! I mean we still get Friday, but Dave is off on Fridays so Thursday night is the night we actually treat like our Friday. Confused yet? Basically what it boils down to is that Dave will stay up late working on projects with me instead of needing to get to bed because hes going in to the office the next day. Yippee!

When I look around the house I see so many wonderful things that have been completed for Ash's carnival. I'm so excited! When I look at my list I see so many wonderful things that have NOT been completed for Ash's carnival yet. I'm still so excited!

Tonight I hope to finish painting banners. Just little details left on those and then tomorrow we will get the gromets in the last 6 of them. I also hope to get the kissing booth and the photo booth constructed tomorrow. If all of those things are accomplished this weekend complete with painting then I know that we can make a final push the next Thursday and Friday and have everything done just the way I have envisioned it. It should be just enough time to finish it all.
I have one more large delivery that I'm waiting on and then its all here,except the food items. Those I will pick up the day before.

Every time I hear of someone who is planning to attend it puts a huge smile on my face. Ash is going to have one of her very best birthday parties ever. I wasn't sure I could top Candy Land which was my personal favorite, but I think I have:) Dave and Blake loved the Luau Party the most, but I know this one is even better. Last years was pretty amazing just because it was pulled off in such a difficult situation, but the pictures make me cry when I see just how fragile sweet Ash was. I'm holding out hope that she remains just as she is.

16 days away. It gives me goosebumps to think about it. I'm so blessed to have this opportunity to celebrate her life. Can you even believe she is almost 6 years old? She really is going to turn 6. Despite it all our tiny gherkin is going to be 6.

Hope to see you guys at our place on the 6th. Its going to be a celebration!


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